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There Is No God, But I Have Found Something Far More Significant

...There is no God, but that does not mean that I'm an atheist. Certainly I am not a theist – I am saying there is no God – but that does not mean that you jump to the opposite, the atheist.
The atheist says there is no God also, but when I say there is no God, and the atheists like Charvaka, Karl Marx, Lenin, Epicurus... When these people say there is no God, there is a tremendous difference between my statement and their statement – the statements are absolutely similar – because I say at the same moment that there is godliness.
So when I say there is no God, I am not agreeing with Marx or Epicurus. I am certainly not agreeing with Jesus, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, when they say there is God, because they use God as a person. Now, to think of God as a person is just your imagination. The God of the Chinese has a Chinese face, and the God of the Negroes has a Negro face, and certainly the God of the Jews must have a Jewish nose; it can't be otherwise. And if horses think about God, their God will be a horse. So this is just projection. Giving personality to God is your projection.
When I say there is no God, I am denying personality to God. I am saying God is not, but there is tremendous godliness. That is an impersonal energy, pure energy. To impose any form on it is ugly. You are imposing yourself on it.
So when I say there is no God, I am saying there is no person as God; all personality is human projection. I want you to take away the personality and let God be free, free from the bondage of personality that you have imposed upon him.
I am not an atheist. To me, the whole universe is full of the energy of God and nothing else.
You have to understand one thing which is very fundamental. The world consists of verbs, not of nouns. Nouns are a human invention necessary, but after all, a human invention. But existence consists of verbs, only of verbs, not nouns and pronouns. Look at this. You are seeing a flower, a rose. To call it a flower is not right, because it has not stopped flowering, it is still flowering; it is a verb, it is a flow. To call it a flower you have made it a noun. You see the river. You calI it a river you have made it a noun. It is rivering. It will be more accurate to the existential to say that it is rivering, flowing. And everything is changing, flowing. The child is becoming a young man; the young man is becoming old; life is turning into death; death is turning into life. Everything is in continuity, continuous change; it is a continuum. There never comes a stop, a full stop. It comes only in language.
In existence there is no full stop.
Excerpted from From Unconsciousness to Consciousness by Osho

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