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Proof For God!

Is there any proof for God?
I am. You are. Everybody is. God is nothing but the totality. The trees are, the rivers are, the mountains are. These are the proofs. The sun rises in the morning and the moon is in the night, and the stars. These are the proofs. The flowers and the butterflies and the grass, these are the proofs.
God is not a syllogism. God is not a conclusion. God is an experience of beauty, of truth, of good, of consciousness. Where are you looking for the proofs? Your very being is the only proof. The seeker is the sought. God resides in you as you. God is a tree in a tree and a dog in a dog and a man in a man. God is all these things. God is this whole.
But you want an intellectual conclusion; you will go on missing God. There is no proof — in that sense there is no proof. There has never been a proof in that sense. And the people who have been supplying proofs for God simply don’t know what they are doing. The people who have tried to argue for God are the people who don’t know God. Otherwise they wouldn’t argue. It is better to sing if you know God, it is better to dance if you know God, it is better to laugh if you know God. It is better to weep, cry, if you know God, rather than to argue.
Philosophers have been arguing about God, for and against, both. And philosophers are the farthest from God. Because the more you become entangled inwards, the more you become obsessed with theories, systems of thought, the farther away you are from life itself. And God is life.

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