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Osho - Accidental
I was reading one man's autobiography. He says that his father was traveling and the train was late. When he reached his destination he got out of the train, but the train was so late that all the taxis had already left.
It was the middle of the night and very cold. Because he could not find a taxi, he went into the restaurant: they were just closing, and the woman at the counter was ready to leave. Seeing this man, she prepared coffee for him. He drank the coffee: there was nobody else, so they started talking.
And the woman said. "It will be difficult for you to get a taxi—why don't you come in my car? I will drop you on the way." So he went with the woman, and that's how they fell in love with each other. And the woman became the mother of this man who is writing the autobiography.
Now he says, "If the train had not been late, I would riot have been in the world. If a taxi had been available, I would not have been in the world. If the woman had not invited him to go in her car, I would not have been in the world."
All accidental... People are living in this unconsciousness. Your love is accidental, your hate is accidental, your friendship, your enmity—all is accidental.
Stop being accidental! Gather yourself together, become a little more conscious. See what is happening. And, slowly slowly, when you start acting out of your consciousness, you will see tremendous power arising in you. And then your whole life will have a totally different flavor to it.
Excerted from 'Philosophia Perennis', Vol. 1 by Osho

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