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Osho - Act

Learn to transform your poisons into honey. How are they transformed? There is a very simple process. In fact, to call it transformation is not right, because you don't do anything, you only need patience. This is one of the greatest secrets I am telling you. Try it: when anger comes you are not to do anything; just sit silently and watch it. Don't be against it, don't be for it. Don't cooperate with it, don't repress it. Just watch it, be patient, just see what happens... Let it rise...
Remember one thing: never do anything in the mood when the poison is possessing you; just wait. When the poison has started changing into its other... This is one of the basic laws of life: that everything continuously changes into its other. Just as I told you that man changes into woman, woman changes into man, there are periodical changes in you—the good man becomes the bad, the bad man becomes the good; the saint has sinners' moments, and the sinner has saintly moments... one has just to wait.
Act when the saint is uppermost — that's all. Don't act when the sinner is uppermost, don't act when anger is uppermost. otherwise you will repent and you will create a chain of reactions and you will get into karma. That's the whole meaning of getting into karma. Do anything when you are in a negative moment and you will be in a chain, and there is no end to it. When you are negative you do something, the other becomes negative, the other is ready to do something — negativity creates more negativity. Negativity provokes more negativity, anger brings more anger, hostility brings more hostility, and things go on and on and on... and people have been entangled with each other for lives together. And they continue!
Don't repress and don't act according to the anger, and soon you will see that the face is becoming softer, eyes are becoming calmer, the energy is changing — the male turning into female... and soon you will be full of radiance. The same redness that was anger, now is a certain radiance — a beauty on your face, in your eyes. Now go out: the time has come to act.
Act when you are positive. Don't force positivity, wait for the positivity to come on its own. This is the secret — when I say "learn to transform your poisons into honey" this is what I mean.
Excerted from 'The Divine Melody' by Osho

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