Now Here Osho - Daily Meditation - Day 111. The Thread

Now Here Osho - Daily Meditation - Day 111. The Thread


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Osho - Daily Meditation For The Here And Now
Daily Meditation - Day 111. The Thread
This is the work if the meditator: to find the thread.

The world is in a constant flux, it is riverlike. It flows, but behind all this flow, change, flux, there must be a thread running that keeps everything together. Change is not possible without something remaining absolutely unchanging. Change can exist only together with a nonchanging element, otherwise things will fall apart.
Life is like a garland: You don't see the thread that runs through the flowers. but it is there, holding them together. If the thread were not there, the flowers would fall apart; there would be a heap of flowers but no garland. And existence is not a heap, it is a very well - knit pattern. Things are changing, but some unchanging element keeps a cosmic law behind it all. That cosmic law is called sadashiva, the eternal God, the timeless God, the nonchanging God. And that is the work of the meditator: to find the thread.
There are only two types of people. One gets too enchanted by the flowers and forgets the thread. He lives a life that cannot have any lasting value or significance, because whatever he does will vanish. Today he will make it, tomorrow it will be gone. It will be making castles of sand or launching boats of paper. The second type of person searches for the thread and devotes his whole life to that which always abides; he is never a loser.
The most important thing to remember is that knowledge is not wisdom, and it cannot be; not only that, but it is anti wisdom, it is the barrier that prevents wisdom from arising.

Knowledge is the false coin, the pretender. It pretends to know. It knows nothing, but it can befool people-it is be fooling millions of people-and it is so subtle, that unless one is really intelligent one never becomes aware of this fact. And it is so deep-rooted, because from our childhoods we have been conditioned in it.
To know means to accumulate, to collect information, to collect data. It does not change you-you remain the same; just your collection of information becomes bigger and bigger. Wisdom transforms you. It is really information, not just "information" - it forms your inner being in a new way. It is transformation. It creates a new quality of seeing, knowing, being. So it is possible for a person to be not at all informed and yet be wise. It is also possible for a person to be very much informed and still be very unwise.
In fact, that's what has happened in the world: People have become more educated, more literate. Universal education is available, so everybody has become knowledgeable, and wisdom has been lost. Knowledge has become so easily available from paperbacks - who bothers about wisdom? Wisdom takes time, energy, devotion, dedication.

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